Overview of people in the industry

A brief little overview of those who work in the moving picture industry.

The director aka the head honcho on set. They are the God of the movie. Their whims shall be followed to the letter. Sometimes this works out for the best and sometimes it leads to a napoleon complex.

The cinematographer aka s/he who decides what the movie actually looks like. They run the lighting and camera departments. They are usually concerned with making sure that every frame is a painting.

Editor: Takes every frame and attempts to make a story out of it. They see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Compositors/Colorists: In the age of digital information, they turn day into night. They create creatures that would have taken weeks before. They blow shit up without harming a single soul. They can also take four people and turn them into a raucous crowd.

Producers: No one but producers actually know what they do. Some raise money for films, some are translators between creatives and business people. Some keep the business people away when needed. Some are just full of attitude and think that no film can be done without them.  Some do the dirty jobs and as I said about the indie world: producers do everything from wiping asses, kissing up, and whatever needs to be done even if it isn’t their specialty.  Associate producers are first cousins of the director and are probably owed a favor from the director for beating up the playground bully in fourth grade.

Production Assistants: Helpers who may or may not be film school drop outs or a second cousin of the producer whose mom begged hard enough for the job.

There are three rules of filmmaking.

Leave your ego at the door, safety first, and only worry about what is inside the box.

Too bad the indie rules say to throw those out and do the opposite.




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