The Good, The Bad, and the Worst: Directors

The reason that directors are so often interviewed or seen as the God of the project is because they are the top guy or gal. They make the ultimate decisions on where the project is heading, who is working on it, and everything you see and hear on whatever screen you are watching it. This week, I’m dedicating to talking about directors because they deserve the accolades or criticism that they get. They have to trust the people working for them but in the case of most indie films, they don’t.

  1. The Micromanager:  When the credits roll, they wrote it, they directed it. They were the cinematographer, and the editor. They also frequently play parts in their films. They love to see their name spilling across the screen.
  2. The Yeller:  He has two volumes: Screaming or silence. He is never happy.
  3. The Dreamer:  Always has a script, always wants to have a meeting, has no idea what he is doing.
  4. The Checker: He has to review every single frame. Every. Single. Frame. Spends more time looking at the camera than talking to the actors.
  5. The Chill One:  Never gets ruffled. Never sweats. Always looks like everything is going perfectly even when the lead actress is crying in a bathroom and refuses to come out.
  6. The Prepared One: Has had several meetings with key positions. Has spoken with the cinematographer, first AD, and UPM/Line Producer with an almost minute to minute schedule. Speaks to the actors like they are people, as well as the lowest craft person. If found on indie set, stay with them even if they can’t pay you. They will be able to someday.

Yes, it is difficult to be the top dog. At the same time, you have to be able to carry your end of the log if you want to be a lumberjack.



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