The Micromanager

The Micromanager director cannot be talked to. They have everything in line even if there is barely a script. They know exactly what is needed, and they will be the ones to provide it. They have an award winning script (in their head), and they already know who is going to act in it, how its going to look, how its going to sound, how its going to be edited because they are going to do all those jobs.

They are usually film school drop outs and they change their “I couldn’t do this without you” on a regular basis. They act nice and then they toss competent people away when those people start learning the trade. They thrive on yes men even if those yes men have no idea what they are saying yes to.

They usually buddy up and bed their lead actress/actor who will soon be described as the muse. All the muse has to do is remain enamored of their work and never question any decision they make. That is the principle leading the Micromanager: NEVER QUESTION. Never question in private and definitely not in public. Put on your happy face and move along.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BECOME ACTUAL FRIENDS WITH THE MICROMANAGER. They will make your life hell. At their base, they are incredibly narcissistic. It will start as a give and take and then it becomes more and more focused on them. Example: Your brother dies but they are more worried about whether or not a short film got into a festival. You elope with your significant other and they tell you that they tried to quit caffeine but couldn’t handle it.

Eventually one learns that the micromanager does not know everything and that is when the relationship deteriorates. It will start with passive aggressive comment here and there. Then it becomes outright hostility. By the end, you do the fake kiss kiss at festivals and then make snide comments behind each other’s back.

Also remember, the Micromanager always has some sort of muscle. Someone to do their dirty work but this person will also have the IQ of a kumquat. S/he can also be a manipulator themselves but they are not nearly as good as the Micromanager. They will outright lie while the micromanager will make you think everything is your fault.

Oh, the Micromanager won’t take any criticism of their movies. They’ll say they don’t care about reviews but they’ll fume for a few weeks and then adopt a stance of I’m better than everyone else- the world hates true creativity. Any criticism will be seen as personal rather than professional.

The Micromanager is the example of what not to do. After a few short films, you will have learned enough of what to avoid.


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