Director: The Yeller

This director has only two volume levels: Screaming and/or yelling or absolutely silent. If things don’t go their way, out comes the yelling. And not just a simple swear word, or a generic yelling. They go for the jugular and everything you’ve done wrong since missing the word success in the third grade spelling bee. Otherwise, they depend on everyone else doing the job s/he should be doing.

Much like the Micromanager, this particular director suffers from an overinflated sense of self. They also truly believe that they are not actually yelling or being mean. They think they can talk to people like that and it will be okay outside of the set. They do not realize that people can actually be insulted by this treatment. They are also film school drop outs because the school won’t put up with this attitude and its taken as a personal affront which it should be.

They usually end up working with new people for every project because crew simply do not want to put up with the abuse. Very few people can actually separate the yeller’s attitude on set from his attitude outside of set. Usually only family are willing to put up with it, but occasionally someone else can for an extended period of time. These people are what as known as gluttons for punishment.

Yellers do not change. They change the people they work with. Much like working fast food as a teenager, this is just a coming of age ritual that all set people must participate in. It teaches one to thicken skin and learn how to imagine killing someone slowly by drowning them in a river with rocks tied to all limbs.

One experience is enough to show you again, what not to do.




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