Director: The Dreamer

This director will have zero idea of what to do. They know they want to make a movie, they know they cannot do it alone. They also know that they can’t pay a living wage so they just ask for an endless run of meetings. They want to talk about a script that may or may not be written. If it is written, it will be impossible to produced and a seasoned unit production manager will try to convince them that it cannot be physically done for pizza and maybe some soda (if you’re lucky, there will caffeine of some sort).

Every meeting will be at a restaurant of mediocre quality and producers, assistant directors, etc, whoever is unlucky enough to go will be paying their own way. This is considered a faux pas in the film industry. If its your project, you pay for the food for meetings.

The idea for the script will be some obscure idea and usually conspiracy theorist. They will actually believe this hokum and attempt to sway you into believing this poppycock. They will ask you odd questions and question whether YOU have an experience. In my experiences, the dreamer is usually a male with a very misogynistic, casting couch sort of attitude. They will ask a man at the table if the woman speaking is actually factually correct. The next time the woman speaks, the cycle will repeat. Yet even after the meeting is over, he will call the female producer again and again to ensure that he heard everything right.

He will usually boast about how much funding is available. It will sound like a reasonable number for an indie production but then after a meeting or two, he will start asking you to do favors in order to raise more money. It is quickly reasoned that he doesn’t actually have the money but they REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make this movie. Its so important. It will be life changing. PLEASE!!!!!


That is the only advice I have for you. Don’t take that meeting, even if your mother asks you to go; even if your mother is hosting the meeting.


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