The Chill One

The Chill Director comes in two varieties: Ones that are genuinely relaxed, and ones that are relaxed through alcohol, and/or horse tranquilizers. Needless to say, the ones that are naturally relaxed are much easier to deal with.

They will have a few meetings with key people. They will have a good idea of where they want to get by the end of the day but as for the actual map to get there… Well, they threw it out when they received their film degree. They actually know a lot about film, but they know more about how to inspire people to work. They always have the right thing to say. When an actor goes off track, The Chill Director will know exactly when to call for a line from the script supervisor. When the actor pauses greatly in order to ensure more screen time, they’ll allow it to a certain point and then have a rather frank and simple discussion where the actor knocks it off. If the actor doesn’t stop that crap, the Chill Director will make sure they have plenty B-roll so they can properly edit it.

These are the directors that can make or break an actor/actress. They speak their language and can put up with an amazing amount of bull shit. They also don’t let anyone’s bad attitude reflect upon the film. They are the real life equivalent of “Alright, alright, alright”.

The time to worry is when The Chill One loses their shit. When they do, it will be because something has gone wrong that no one can control. It can be a city bus that keeps driving by in front of a plate glass window, it will be the unexpected freak storm on a summer day. It will be something that they couldn’t possibly have imagined and they will lose it. And we aren’t talking about a few angry words: Full on stepping off set and cussing at everything in their path. Do NOT take it personally if you end up on the fuzzy end of the lollipop. The Chill One will quickly realize that they are acting irresponsibly, apologize quickly and wholeheartedly.

Now, if you find yourself working with an artificially Chill one, as soon as you see them artificializing themselves: Quit. It is directors like this that are highly irresponsible. These are the directors that make mistakes that get people killed. It may not be you, but it will be someone, someday. Remember rule number one: Safety first.


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