The Momager Producer 

S/he always wanted to be in pictures. Always wanted to be in front of the camera but either listened to their parents and got a safe degree which would put food on the table, or had some sort of tragedy that kept them off of set. Now, they live vicariously through their children. 

They just want to help, dontcha understand. Whether it’s through money, money raising, pimping out the project (and therefore their progeny), or making cookies for set. 

They work their way in and at first they are just sweet as the pie they bring to set. One piece is okay but that second piece is full of broken glass. They get an inch, they take a mile. They will turn on you like the snake did with Eve. 

When their child isn’t featured enough in the trailer, they will inform you of this. Time and time again until you give in just this one time. The next trailer, the dance begins again. When you finally stand up to Momager, she’ll talk to you like you were 8 years old and the principal just called to report you for calling Mrs. Whipple a fat butt. 

S/He is always older and wiser even if this their first set. Beware, like the snake in the Garden of Eden, they will betwixt and charm those around them and against anyone who has shown backbone to them. They turn against people. They use whatever situation to their best advantage and dance better than Ginger Rogers. They are never wrong.  And don’t forget about that, young’un. 

They constantly remind you that you work for them when you are persona non grata. They refuse to accept any truth other than the one they’ve created. By the way, their children usually see through this and are awesome to work with. 

Be certain before taking anything they offer that you can afford it. Your sanity is worth so much more than the pennies they offer. 


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