The Rest of the Cast

The rest of the cast. Films are not a single handed idea or formation. This is the only art form that takes a family to create, nurture and grow. The writers give birth, the director watches as it grows and goes through phases. The editors, compositors, and composers get it all dressed up for its prom and then it is sent off to the distributors and film festivals.

So this week, we’ll look at some of the other people who help raise this child.

  • Cinematographers. They can either put lipstick on a pig or they can make a beautiful film look like crap.
  • Editors: These people work tirelessly with incredibly deadlines forgoing any concept of a life and sustenance.
  • Compositors: They are literal life and time savers. They can give you a crowd of extras, make people fall thousands of feet, etc.
  • Production Assistants: The bitches of the set.
  • Camera Ops: The Cinematographers best friends, these persons are invaluable
  • Sound people: Perfect ear and imperfect pitch. Just remember that it doesn’t matter what people see, if they can’t hear it, your movie will suck.

Any discord in your family will show up on the film. Discord like happiness has a way of invading everyone on the set and creating an air. Yes, fights occur but if there is huge personality problems, it seeps into the footage. And when no one is happy, it is absolutely soils the film. It will be felt by every member of the audience.

So keep an eye out this week for our next exciting series.



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