Cinematographers are generally the most chill people on set. They don’t care about the fight with your significant other, they don’t care about what is on the craft table, they are only concerned about what the camera sees. Now if you are affecting that picture, you can damn sure be they are suddenly concerned with why you are ruining their shot. 

If you ever hear the words “Make a hole and make it wide”– Move!! That cinematographer is coming in to fix something and don’t be in their way. They are going to come in and fix a light, move a camera, or kill someone. They will. They don’t care about anything else than what the camera is picking up.

If you are working with a cinematographer, wait to the end of the day to ask questions, because they won’t during the day. Again… They are only concerned with what happens on the camera.  The only way you matter is if you are bringing them coffee. 

Once you’ve gotten on the bad side of the cinematographer, you will live in a special ring of hell for the rest of your film, especially if you are an actor. They will delight in not featuring you prominently unless its specifically called for. They are ultimate professionals but they are not above being slightly petty.

The only people more attuned to their job than the cinematographer is the sound guy. These guys are even more anal retentive than cinematographers because they have to be able to hear everything, even when someone a mile away passes gas.


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