These people are the magic makers of the film world. They can make five people look like a crowd. They are life savers. There is now never a reason for a blank firing pistol. We should never have another accident like we did with Brandon Lee. They can add blow back; the muzzle flash; The sound of the explosion. 

They are generally pretty nice but a little strange. They literally make people fly off the screen in an explosion that they created. They kill more people than Jeffery Dahmer. And they love it. They will frequently giggle like a six year old girl at a unicorn convention. They love their jobs. They especially love it when they get to kill or maim someone with fame. 

They usually work in the dark corners of the office and you will occasionally hear screams of “Damn you, track that object” because tracking is the usually the one task that every compositor hates. And by hate, I mean they abhor that task. And its usually because a director hasn’t worked with a film that has requires a lot of compositing and don’t do things that will help the CGI makers. Tracking points should always be included on things that are going to be flying across the screen. 

They are pretty helpful if you want to learn but I highly recommend getting some education in that particular area. At the very least, go check out They have lots of handy videos which will teach you some of the basics. 


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